Add some G.A.S. to your GOALS!


Absolutely loved the SHARP Goals course. So much great content and practical advice on how to make progress towards my goals. Very helpful and highly recommended.

Grace Martin 

Why You Need This Course

Setting Goals is easy – achieving them is something else. SHARP Goals is the G.A.S. you need!

A Goal Achieving System to ensure your success in achieving the goals that help you live your best life.

Learn how to set goals in a way that sets you up for SUCCESS and then supercharge that with a SYSTEM to use EVERYDAY to move towards achievement

This is the GOAL System I've used for YEARS, that has helped me buy my house, start my business, and get closer to BEing the person I want to BE!

Feature Highlights

Learn on your time!

Take this course on your own time at your own pace.

No Fluff!

The information you need for success.  No more, no less!

Find Success Your Way!

You decide what works for you!

Downloadable Tools

Tools that you can use for years to come to help you achieve your goals!

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What We Cover

Success means different things to different people! Only you get to decide what it looks like for you.  Whatever it looks like - the tools and information in this course will put you on the path to your version of success! This course is a little bit goal setting, a little bit prioritization, a little bit time management and a whole lot of easy to implement practices.

  1. 1
    Create meaningful goals
  2. 2
    Analyze your goals
  3. 3
    Implement a system of continuous action
  4. 4
    Deal with obstacles and Resistance

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Lissa Daub  //  Author

I'm the creator and instructor for this course.  Our mission at The Strong Impact Academy is to help people uncover and lean into their unique strengths! 

From owning my first business at 22 to working in large corporations, finding the right tools to help my success has been vital to me.   Having something to work towards in the form of goals is paramount to your growth! 

I'm excited to see you reach your goals and ultimately your full potential and DREAM LIFE!  

Lissa Daub

The Best Time to Start Achieivng Achieving Your Goals is Today!

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Lissa Daub

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