Find clarity while enhancing your strategic and leadership skills to build the business/culture you dream of.

Executive Leadership Coaching

LYF - Lead Yourself First

The starting point in leading others is learning to lead yourself.  
~Robin Sharma

Our Executive Coaching programs start with Personal Leadership:

  • Assessing and Optimizing Strengths
  • Defining Personal Core Values
  • Work/Life Integration
  • Identifying and Removing Barriers to Success
  • Defining Your Personal Leadership Style

Strong Foundation

If you don’t get culture right, nothing else matters.  
~John Taft

Build the foundational pieces of your culture on your own, or with your team:

  • Vision
  • Defining Company Core Values
  • Purpose
  • The What, Why, Who, and How of your business
  •  Dealing with Obstacles

Organizational Leadership

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.  
~Peter Drucker

Build and maintain a strong people-first culture that gets results:

  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Effective Communication & Meetings
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Creating a culture of Accountability and Productivity
  •  Be an inspired and inspiring leader
Completely customizable and tailored to provide you with the training and coaching you need to achieve your goals.

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Leader & Teams Training/Coaching

LYF - Lead Yourself First

To be a leader, you have to lead yourself first.  
~Debasish Mridha


To be an effective leader you need to start with Personal Leadership:

  • Top 5 Strengths and what they mean
  • Strong Life/Strong Work Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Core Values
  • Priorities
  • Uncovering Barriers to Success

People Maintenance Program

Take care of your people like you take care of your truck.  
~Lissa Daub


You follow a maintenance schedule for your vehicle, why not for your people?

Following our EMPOWER™  Leadership Model, gain practical leadership tools you can implement right away!

Expectations, Motivation, Preparation, Opportunity, Walking Around, Education, Recognition

Strong Team

If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.  
~Henry Ford


This interactive training program will identify each member’s unique strengths and how they fit together to determine the team’s overall strengths. Your team will:
  • Know each other better
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Make better decisions

Leading to higher levels of engagement and increased productivity.

Completely customizable and tailored to provide you with the training and coaching you need to achieve your goals.

Our Process

1. Discover

Start with a free discovery call to determine what you need and how we can help

2. Plan

From this call, we determine a plan and provide a proposal for moving forward.

3. Execute

Once the proposal is accepted, we get to work executing the plan.

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