You Don’t Have to Be Lonely

As an entrepreneur – currently a solopreneur working on building my business, I recognize the importance of collaborating with other solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the business world!  When we move away from the idea of other people being our competition and build a community of dreamers and doers, we can all help each other be successful in our ventures!

From a strengths perspective, this works well!  I see the importance of collaborating or partnering with people where we can complement each other.  I’ve experienced the benefits of working with people who had what appeared to be competing strengths, which just allowed me to see things from a different perspective.  Our strengths are the lens through which we view life.  When the blinders come off, the results can speak for themselves!

My individuality strength serves me well when working with clients and tuning into what they need and how I can best serve their individual circumstances.  Someone with the consistency strength showed me the benefits of having clear boundaries and living more of a black and white world to promote fairness across the board. In contrast, I could show her that sometimes it’s okay to be in the grey, no matter how uncomfortable it was for both of us.

My activator strength serves me well in diving in and getting started on things.  I’ve had various people in my life with the deliberative strength theme to help me make clear decisions and recognize some of the pitfalls that may show up for me.

When you feel that you can’t collaborate because the other person has the same business as yours – STOP!  There is a difference, and that difference is YOU!  Even if you had the same strength profile, you are bringing your own perspective and gifts.  A fellow coach uses the analogy of a COSTCO store on a Saturday – she looks around and knows that she can’t serve every person that is in that store at that moment.  There are enough clients and enough business for everyone – you will draw the clients to you that need you.  Instead of being lonely and trying to go it all alone, how about we build solid business communities in collaboration using our unique perspectives to help each other!

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