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If you're tired of feeling like all you do is put out fires - then this course is for you!

Pulling together best practices for planning your day with tools to ensure that you actually execute on your plans will have you knocking down that to-do list in no time!

Learn how to set up each and every day for SUCCESS!!

Designed for busy people -  the no-fluff information you need to up your

productivity game!

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Tools that you can use for years to come to help you find success and beat the stress!

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What We Cover

Success means different things to different people! Only you get to decide what it looks like for you.  Whatever it looks like - the tools and information in this course will put you on the path to your version of success! This course is a little bit goal setting, a little bit prioritization, a little bit time management and a whole lot of easy to implement practices.

  1. 1
    Map Your Journey - what does that far off vision of success look like for you? Get clear on the future so you know what to do today to help you get there!  
  2. 2
    Map Your Day  Using the included Get Stuff Done planner, create a plan for your week and days that still allow room for innovation and chasing down that next big thing.
  3. 3
    Beat The Stress - Stress seems to go hand in hand with being a busy owner!  Learn ways to manage and even use stress to your advantage!

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Lissa Daub  //  Author

I'm the creator and instructor for this course.  Our mission at The Strong Impact Academy is to help people uncover and lean into their unique strengths! 

From owning my first business at 22 to working in large corporations, finding the right tools to help my success has been important to me.   I've been looking for the perfect time management, productivity, priority setting tools for years!  Not finding any that worked for me - I created one! Now, I'm sharing it with you! 

I'm eager for you to find your own brand of SUCCESS in your days!  

Lissa Daub

The Best Time to Start Winning Your Day is Now!

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Lissa Daub

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